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Posting Rules

Find, Buy and Sell items in Ghana online market crowd

We quite understand that without rule, sometimes something’s could go wrong since people have different ways to go about things. So in order to better your experience in mamymarket Ghana, we have created a few rules.

When ads are removed by us we will, in most cases, refund your fees within 14 days from the removal of the Ad. However, we do reserve the right to remove ads without refund in cases where, in our opinion, the poster has regularly, frequently or deliberately breached posting rules and/or terms & conditions. Posters that regularly break our posting rules may find their future use of the site restricted/terminated.

Here is the General Rules

No fake Address

We do not tolerate fake addresses on our site. In order to maintain trust and credibility to our users, please endeavor to put your real location as users follow the Google Map on our site to see where you or your business are located. if your business country is not Ghana and you are interested in Ghana market please specify that in writing during your listing description and select others (in country selection)

No Duplicate Ads

We only allow 1 ad for any particular item you want to post. Please don’t post the same ad more than once either in the same category or across multiple categories. If there are a few possible areas for your ad then please choose the most relevant. Any duplicate ads will be removed and if you continue to post duplicates we may decide to restrict your access. If you want your ad to appear back up to the top of the listings then remember that you can simply re-list it – simply go to your dashboard and click the re-list option.

Posting in the correct category

Please it is very important that you post in the correct category as it will helps you in reaching the right audience with your ad and also help the users looking for something to find what they want. The category specific guidelines below indicate which ads we do and don’t accept in each category.

No links to other classified websites

Please don’t put a link in your ad to further details on another website. You should find everything you need on mamymarket.com to make your ad successful. You can:

  • Add images and video to your ad
  • Add as much text as you like
  • Edit your ad anytime

So we hope you won’t need to send people anywhere else!

No keyword spamming

No e-mail address and telephone number at the posting titles section (you can includes these on the description section). Viewers will contact you through our inbuilt instant mailing on your mamymarket page. Keyword spamming is the practice of listing lots of often irrelevant phrases or words in an ad purely in an attempt to have a better search ranking (e.g. lots of postcodes or locations). Frankly speaking, we don’t allow this on mamymarket.com because it is very frustrating to our users to find irrelevant ads in their search results, it can make ads hard to read and it creates an unlevel playing field.

mamymarket.com reserves the right to remove any postings that we feel are not relevant, or of value to the mamymarket community, with or without notice. You can use the forum to learn more how others are going along.

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