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mamymarket™-Pet Skin Health Salve

mamymarket™-Pet Skin Health Salve

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The pet has a skin disease, so troublesome!

Skin diseases can't be cured for a long time! Repeated skin diseases!

Did you see the babies scratching or licking their skin?

Does the skin of the licked part appear to be different from normal skin?

Does the skin have a lot of hair loss, dandruff, rash, erythema, and severe itching?

Pay attention. Babies may have been infected with skin diseases!

This ointment is currently used to treat dog and cat skin diseases caused by fungus, mites, eczema and other infections. And secondary infections, evaluate quick-acting ointments to quickly resolve pet skin diseases.

Let your pet get rid of the harassment of skin diseases as soon as possible!

Antibacterial and antibacterial can kill a variety of bacteria and fungi, strong permeability, direct to the source ofthe disease, Promote the repair and regeneration of damaged epidermis. It is easy to use and has a long-lasting effect.

Our cream relieves itching caused by fungus, parasites or dry skin.

Use it to treat itchy skin or as a preventive solution.

The non-greasy, non-sticky formula is safe, does not contain steroids.

fragrances, grains, alcohol, mineral oil or harmful chemicals.

Natural effect, no side effects, licking will not cause harm.

Cat and dog treatment exampleProven effective in treating ringworm, scabies, hot spots, fungus. itching and dry skin, allergies, dry nose, cracked paws!

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