Dear customer, in order to protect your rights and interests, we have formulated the following international return policy:

1. Return conditions

Returns can be made within 15 days after receipt;
Goods must retain their original packaging;
Provide the reason for return and a screenshot of the dress picture as proof;
2. Return process

Contact customer service to apply for a return order and choose a refund method;
Return the goods to the original sending address at your own risk;
3. Domestic transportation

We will be responsible for the first domestic shipment;
Domestic shipping costs during the return process are borne by the customer;
4. International shipping charges

The original overseas round-trip shipping and handling fees are borne by the customer;
5. Refund method

Refunds will be completed within 7 working days after receiving the return;
Refunds will be made via the original route;
6. No returns or exchanges accepted

Problems arise when objective notice of delay is overdue;
If the product is damaged due to customer subjective reasons, it cannot be returned or exchanged;
If you have any questions, please contact us for help! The above policy is designed to protect your legitimate rights and interests to the greatest extent possible.