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mamymarket™-Dog Chew Toy Pet Olfactory Ball

mamymarket™-Dog Chew Toy Pet Olfactory Ball

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If your dog loves nose-work activities or snuffle mats, this snuffle ball will be a great addition to their toy collection! Wrap treats inside the fabric pieces and stick it inside the ball for your dog to forage. This fun snuffle ball will keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated! 

Note: This toy is recommended for nose work games and not as a chew toy. Please supervise or remove the toy after your dog has finished playing with it.

Product size: 20*20*20cm
Weight: 230g
Material: polar fleece + TPR rubber PETPE

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I wash it?

It can only be washed by hand or by washing machine on a gentle/delicate cycle.


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