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mamymarket™-Smart Reusable Leather Notebook

mamymarket™-Smart Reusable Leather Notebook

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The perfect tool for thinkers, doers and problem solvers!
Say goodbye to your heavy notebook!


  • With multiple sheets of paper in one notebook, you don't have to be limited in terms of surfaces and their small size allows you to take them anywhere.

  • These simple whiteboard notebooks are the perfect tool for anyone who wishes they always had a whiteboard to hand.
  • It exists because people often underestimate the power of being able to erase, edit, delete, undo or change ideas.

  • Whether it's solving one person's problem at your desk with a whiteboard notebook or setting up a wall full of whiteboard wall charts to work in a team, this one is helping you to solve things in the most attractive way possible.


  • Category: Notebook
  • Color: Berlin Blue, Glacier Blue, Millennium Powder, Star Rock Grey, Star Black
  • Size:


  • 1×Smart Reusable Leather Notebook
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